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Travel, Map, Enjoy

How it works

Points, photos, rankings

You see all the playing places on the map as paws. When your phone gets in the circle of space = paws, so you check in and get a point. You will get another point for the first photo of the place. You see all your points and locations in the rankings. Share your success on social networks and show your friends what you have experienced and what they can experience as well.

Travel diary, Visited places

Each of your checks is recorded in the Travel Diary. In addition to the place, you can write a private note about what you experienced on the spot and what this place means to you. You can see all played places clearly in the Visited places map. By traveling and exploring the world, you are creating your own, ever-expanding Travel Diary.


When you visit the 3 TOP places in one of 10 categories (UNESCO-NATURE-CITIES-HISTORY-MUSEUMS-TECHNOLOGY-VIEWS-SPORT-CULTURE-ENTERTAINMENT PARKS), you get a medal in the given category and in addition 30 bonus points. In each of the continents you have many opportunities to win a medal. You play for who collects the most.


We have gathered the most interesting places in the world into flags. By checking in such a unique place for you means gaining the flag and another 30 bonus points. We also classify flags into 10 categories and 5 continents. You play for a total of 50 flags. Its so easy, just go

Simply download app. here.

Life is short and the world is huge

Travel around the world with Map´n paw. Collect paws in the most interesting places on the planet. Discover the world in a unique game. This is real travel in the real world. Don't sit at home, download the app and embark on an adventure.

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